Hardware/Software Support

ScottTech offers full hardware support and preventative maintenance across the country. We have our service technicians strategically placed to ensure top notch, readily available service to all of our customers, no matter their location throughout the United States. We guarantee our customers a 24 hour response time. ScottTech can perform quarterly, annual, and bi-annual preventative maintenance on all automation hardware.

Technical Support

ScottTech can provide technical support remotely via the Internet or through Email messaging. With our web-based support system, we can quickly respond to meet your support needs. Being web-enabled allows for quick response by ScottTech for user/super user training, system inspection, software maintenance, adding of new features, etc. ScottTech’s support tools allow for quick and cost effective response to your system support requests. ScottTech has “Made-to-Order” support packages available. Please contact our sales team to discuss the support plan that will meet your unique needs. Standard Support Hours You can talk with a ScottTech support team member from 8 a.m. through 5 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday.

Our team of experts are standing by, call or send us a message.

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