Pick to Light

Maximize Productivity With A Pick-To-Light System

Why rely on your operators to take the time to find what items need to be picked when you can easily direct them? ScottTech Integrated Solutions is a systems integrator that specializes in warehouse and distribution systems. We offer custom solutions such as, pick-to-light warehouse systems that help increase your productivity, efficiency, and accuracy.

A pick-to-light system is an easily visible light that is located directly above a storage slot. It indicates where the next item needs to be picked and signals the number of items that need to be picked. After the item has been retrieved, the picker indicates the item has been picked by pressing a button and then the display switches off. It takes the guesswork out of the process and allows your operators to pick with more accuracy and at a greater speed. Also, all of the information from the pick-to-light system is exchanged with the warehouse management software, which allows you to keep track of all items that have been picked and make for better, more accurate information flow throughout the order fulfillment process

Traditional picking methods can be costly. If an operator in your warehouse picks the wrong item and that item gets shipped to the customer, not only will you have an unhappy customer, but you will also have incurred higher expenses. A pick-to-light system boosts accuracy and increases productivity. It’s acknowledged as one of the fastest operator-based picking strategies available to execute quantity fulfillment operations. Our team of specialized technicians can design a pick-to-light system to fit seamlessly with your current, existing system.

Pick To Light Systems Tailored To Your Business

As former warehouse operators, we know the challenges your warehouse staffers face on a daily basis. That’s why you can trust us to design a system that is optimal for your business.

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