Horizontal Carousel Systems

Carousel Systems: Increasing Efficiency, Accuracy, and Throughput

Walking up and down an aisle to pick and store items is time consuming. Not only that, it also fatigues the average worker. A horizontal carousel shelving unit does not require aisles. Instead of the worker walking to the items, the carousel brings the items to the worker. Just as a vertical lift module does, a carousel helps save space, time, money, and energy. Horizontal carousels are designed specifically for high-speed order picking and parts to person delivery.

ScottTech offers customized horizontal carousel systems that are tailored to fit each customer’s application(s), varying in height, width, and bin size. Horizontal carousels can also be stacked to create two picking zones, one on the first floor and another on a second floor/mezzanine level.  For optimizing picking during peak times, which is often seasonal, ScottTech offers the decoupled pod. This carousel solution allows for multiple pickers to pick items from the same pod, each carousel spins independently and in correlation with that specific picker. A pod is two or more horizontal carousels which are typically paired with our warehouse management software and pick-to-light technology. There is minimal down time with this carousel solution and helps to significantly increase throughput. A typical pick rate of this solution can reach 250-350 lines picked per hour compared to traditional shelving rates of 45-60 lines picked per hour.

Our 30 years in the automation industry has allowed us to acquire a great deal of knowledge and training that we use to increase productivity, decrease inefficiency, and provide more accurate results.

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