AS/RS Equipment

AS/RS Equipment

Accuracy and efficiency is crucial when it comes to storing and retrieving items in a warehouse or distribution center. Knowing where any product is at any given time and picking the correct item increases efficiency and production flow. ScottTech Integrated Solutions, headquartered in Binghamton, New York is a systems integrator that specializes in warehouse and distribution systems, as well as secondary packaging lines.

With 20 years of experience in the automated storage industry, our team of engineers can help improve the efficiency of your warehouse/distribution center operations. When you hire us for a project, you hire a single-source provider. From conception to implementation, we are committed to seeing your project through to the end.

What Is An ASRS System?

Research has shown that on average, a warehouse picker spends 60% of their time traveling, when it comes picking and putting for order fulfillment. Automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS or AS/RS) are comprised of a variety of material handling equipment that are used in distribution centers and warehouses. An ASRS system typically consists of machines that move up and down one, or multiple, parallel aisles storing and picking items. Other material handling systems rotate the storage bins horizontally or vertically to the operator to pick and store items efficiently. All AS/RS equipment is designed to maximize utilization of space and increase picking and putting rates.

What Is An Automated Storage And Retrieval System Used For?

An ASRS system is used to most efficiently store and retrieve any goods or products within a warehouse or distribution center. AS/RS equipment makes it easy for the operator to find items quicker while also increasing inventory accuracy. You can also use it for a variety of functions, including:


Temporarily Store or Buffer Items between Various Manufacturing Processes


Store and Stage Items for Picking and Kitting in Distribution or Assembly Operations


Store and Sequence Finished Goods in Manufacturing Facilities Prior to Shipping

AS/RS Equipment Increases Throughput And Utilizes Space.

In today’s society, consumers expect on-time delivery. Traditional storage methods, like shelving can see typical rates of 60-70 lines per hour, per operator picked… With the introduction of automatic storage and retrieval (AS/RS) equipment, customers can achieve rates of up to 350 lines per hour, per operator. AS/RS equipment also optimizes vertical space. For example, take 154,000 pounds of gross unit load capacity and 9,050 square feet of traditional storage…Through the use of a vertical lift module (VLM) that gross unit load capacity can be condensed and stored into 150 square feet. Automated storage and retrieval systems include:


Vertical Storage/ Vertical Lift Modules


Horizontal Carousels


Vertical Carousels


Mini Loads


I/E (Inserter/Extractor)

Save Space.

Save Money.

Improve Accuracy.

ScottTech Integrated Solutions offers the most durable carousels in the industry. Both our horizontal carousels and vertical carousels are designed to withstand the heaviest of applications and the most intense duty cycles. They are also engineered for long-term reliability.

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