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Finding that you are running out of storage and workspace in your warehouse, but a facility expansion may not be in the cards? Of course, there are several ways to utilize existing space, among the top solutions…mezzanines. Mezzanines allow you to utilize overhead space and essentially, serve as a second floor. Space optimization in the warehouse correlates directly with increased productivity. The end result? A smarter, cost-effective, more efficient use of space with more opportunity for growth/expansion.

Mezzanines can be custom-built to fit within a specific area, these can be single or even multiple levels. They are typically utilized in manufacturing facilities, industrial plants, distribution centers, and office buildings, but can serve as an optimal solution in other environments as well. By adding a second, and sometimes even third level in a manufacturing or distribution center, you are essentially increasing your space two-fold to the existing area.  Mezzanines can serve as additional storage OR work space, but are often coalesced with conveyors, vertical lift modules, racking/shelving, and other material handling equipment. Aside from the obvious benefits, pre-fabricated, custom-built mezzanines are optimal solutions for the following reasons:

Increased Property Value: Mezzanines add value to your overall property because they work for all types of businesses and with additional floor space, you are practically doubling and/or tripling the space—building up as opposed to out.

Cost-Efficient Solution: Physical warehouse expansion is not always an option, especially when it comes to cost. Installing mezzanines is significantly less expensive than purchasing new space and/or adding on to an existing space. Often times it’s forgotten, but utility bills for heating or cooling will be reduced significantly because of the allowance for better circulation of air.

Durability: Custom-built mezzanines are durable, and typically made of steel which will not deteriorate like other traditional structures. Although, mezzanines often times have movable walls, the steel studs are durable and immovable—all designed for a controlled environment.

Time-Saver: Compared to an actual build-out or purchasing of new space, the time frame it would take to design and build a custom mezzanine is significantly shorter than that of the two alternatives. A business looking to optimize space can build up, double/triple work space, and do it in a matter of days as opposed to weeks and months.

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